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Euro Labels

Posted by Calin Alex in Plugins
March 30 2023 8:52 AM 32
We manufacture innovative self-adhesive industrial labels that increase efficiency in terms of product identifying, manufacturing, handling, storing and shipping.

Palladium Concept

Posted by Calin Alexandru in Plugins
March 09 2023 12:33 PM 28
Palladium furniture is a unique combination of high quality, contemporary design and ergonomics. Using innovative, cost-saving technologies, we bring color and creativity into your workspace.

Chirowebmd INC

Posted by Ion Pavel in Plugins
September 16 2022 7:00 AM 132
Our chiropractic EHR solutions allow you to create complete, HIPAA-compliant documentation quickly and easily, so you can spend more time on what matters most in your practice–your patients.


Freeware 4.40
Posted by alex.pagnoni in Plugins
August 14 2022 8:06 PM 67
A Content Management System platform, handling pages, templates and relations.

News Feeds

Freeware 4.30
Posted by info in Plugins
August 14 2022 8:06 PM 68
News Feeds retrieves RSS sources and displays them in the pages as defined with Magellan.

Free Fields

Freeware 3.50
Posted by alex in Plugins
August 14 2022 8:06 PM 82
User defined tags for Magellan CMS.

Ella Interactive

Commercial License
Posted by ellainteractive in Plugins
August 14 2022 8:06 PM 74
Ella Interactive is the digital marketing solution for businesses and agencies looking to better organize and manage their online campaigns. Created by digital marketers, for digital marketers, this...

orbi login

Commercial License
Posted by gowase4606 in Plugins
August 14 2022 8:06 PM 79
The default username for orbilogin is admin and the default password for orbilogin is password. Enter the username and password in the required field and click on the “Login” button. Now, you...

Recently Added Listings

ICO Development Company - Kryptobees
Posted by Kryptobees in Scripts
As a leading ICO development company, we offer various services to assist you to navigate the creation of an ICO website.
Centerway Steel Co., Ltd
Posted by jamila chen in Plugins
Centerway Steel Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Allianz Steel Group that specializes in the production of steel pipes and pipe fittings, steel inventory, domestic and foreign sales. We are committed to...
Sales engineer
Posted by Janet Tang in Plugins
Seamless steel pipes, Welded steel pipes(including ERW, LSAW, SSAW), Galvanized steel pipes, Rectangular tubes, Pipe fittings